Spring Is Around The Corner

Hey everyone,
So the temperature is nice and warm, the little amount of snow we received all “Winter” is melting and it’s finally starting to feel like Spring is here and Summer is on the horizon, meaning car meets, cruise nights and car shows… Can’t wait.

Some updates for the shop:
We’ve built ourselves a 2nd frame table, this one being used for the ’71 Challenger build. We’re hard at work making the rear end of the car wider to fit our wheel and tire package. 246 days till SEMA show in Vegas this year, it’s a race to the finish line.

We also posted up some new media to our YouTube channel, and also have some big plans underway with some companies. So be sure to keep an eye out for that as we’ll debut that on our channel. And we are currently looking for someone wanting to start a project with us for the Summer 2015 season, we’re primarily looking for something along the lines of a muscle car, classic, pro-touring style but open to other options and ideas you may have. Contact us at info@hpicustoms.com and include some info and your budget, we’d love to hear from you.

The “Euphoria” Mustang is gone to upholstery, and in her place we have a 1930’s Vicky. Nice little hot-rod I must say, she’s in the shop for some accessory installations and minor details.
Roadrunner is still at the upholstery shop and so is the Bel-Air. So we’ve got a nice jump on the ’46 Fargo Panel Truck project. The exhaust is pretty much complete and a few little things left on that build.

Keep an eye on the web-store and our website for other updates, including new photos.

Have a safe and great weekend everyone, from all of us at the HPI Customs shop, cheers!
– Evan @ HPI Customs


That Thang’ Gotta HEMI?

Hey everyone,
So like I mentioned the last time, our HEMI engine showed up for the ’71 Challenger build. We have to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to Cleveland Power and Performance for their help with supplying this awesome 392 6.4L HEMI to us for the build when other options didn’t pan out through reasons not of our fault. So onto bigger and better things, we’ll make just as much power with this engine, if not more with it than the previous engine we tried to acquire.

The ’55 Bel-Air is also out of the shop for now and at upholstery, we’ll have her back shortly for some last little assembly details and then she’ll be pretty much complete and onto the next project build to fill its spot in the shop.
The ’69 RoadRunner is coming along great at upholstery, no sneak peek shots just yet till she’s done and back in our hands. So sit tight for that update.
The ’67 “Euphoria” Mustang now has a full interior, working gauges, flip-out in dash dvd head unit, custom gauge plate in the center console among several other little details.
We’ve also started adding hips to the ’71 Challenger, we widened the rear quarters now to fit our wheel and tire package we’re going with on the car. Nothing crazy aggressive, just a nice subtle clean look. Less is always more.
And we also began some more work on the ’46 Fargo Panel truck, planning and fabricating the exhaust for it. So we’ll also have some updates to come on that build shortly.

So be sure to check out our website http://www.hpicustoms.com for new info and updated photos on the build progress there as we always update the site with new photos and what we’re up to. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel as well, we have some major things in the works and some videos in line to make and upload.

Have a good one!
– Evan @ HPI Customs

IMG_6337 (1024x768)

HPI Customs Is On YouTube

Hey everyone, Evan here… So we have pulled the trigger on launching our YouTube Channel. The channel will be used for product reviews for our suppliers and our own in house built product line. As well as, instructional how-to videos, assembly hints and tips, and any video updates of us at car shows and what we’re up to at the shop including videos of our cars once finished.
You can find our channel at:

Also in the shop, we’re nearing completion on the details for the “Eleanor” Mustang, received a huge delivery of glass for the ’69 RoadRunner and ’55 Bel-Air. So we’ll be sure to post up some updates once we’ve got those installed.

And, the heart for the ’71 SEMA Challenger showed up today, pictures to follow.

– Evan @ HPI Customs

Bye Roadrunner, Helloooooo Eleanor!

Hey everyone, Evan here.
The ’69 Roadrunner was shipped off to “Sew Fine Interiors” yesterday for upholstery, so we’ll be sure to update when we get her back and if you’re in the Winnipeg area, you can see her in person at “World of Wheels” car show this Spring.

Also, if you’re a fan of the “Gone In 60 Seconds” movie like I am, we’ve got a treat for you. Today we’re busy with our ’67 Mustang Fastback GT500, otherwise known as “Eleanor” from the movie. We’re finalizing some last little details on the car and getting her completed for the fast approaching Summer cruise nights. She just came back from upholstery at “Sew Fine Interiors” and it’s BEAUTIFUL, another excellent job by them!

And in other news, we’re cutting the ’71 Challenger apart. Getting rid of any bad panels and installing new quarters, door skins and fenders that arrived last week. Gotta get her looking pretty for SEMA 2015 in November… T-Minus 272 days till she’ll be showcased there. So be sure to check back here and on the website http://www.hpicustoms.com with updates on the Challenger.

Have a good one, and cheers!

– Evan @ HPI Customs

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IMG_6241 (1024x768)

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Wrapping Up The End Of Janauary

Hey everyone, Evan here… So it’s the last Friday of January so let’s wrap it.
It has been a long busy month in the shop. A new hire came on board (yours truely), we’ve jumped leaps and bounds on the ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner project getting her nearer to completion, even as I’m typing this, Merv is finishing up the sound proofing of the interior and Ken is finishing up some fabricating of the center console.
The ’67 Fastback “Euphoria” Mustang came back for some further updates including new differential gears, we also did the “impossible” by installing a power brake booster and hydraulic clutch on the car all while retaining the factory bolt holes and brake pedal and now just finishing up the minor interior details.
And on the ’71 Dodge Challenger, our SEMA 2015 car is about to take off like a bat out of hell. Parts are showing up and quickly piling up, just had four large boxes show up yesterday. Also plans have been finalized for some huge power on the car… Meaning its only a matter of time till that big wooden crate arrives with the heart for our version of the HellCat, which will make the current one look like a common house cat.

We also officially launched our HPI Customs web site, showcasing what we do here in the shop with our builds along with behind the scenes action. Also recently launched our HPI Custsoms web-store which offers all our products, we’ll also be offering more on there as we continue to upgrade and expand our shop. We started 2015 off with a bang and only bigger and better things yet to come for this year.

So be sure to check back with us every Friday and keep an eye on the website and web-store for our Signature HPI Customs product line.
Cheers everyone.

– Evan @ HPI Customs

HPI Customs Web Store Launched

Hey everyone, so we’re excited to finally announce that we have officially launched our HPI Customs web store.

We currently have only our Signature Series product line on there, but we will have our ENTIRE product line that we offer on there soon, so be sure to check back routinely. You can even become part of the HPI Customs team with our RedKap mechanic crew shirts and HPI Customs beanies we have listed, so be sure to check those out at http://shop.hpicustoms.com/

And as always, we’re extremely busy here in the shop. Currently designing and fabricating gauges for the ’69 RoadRunner, we’re waiting on parts for the ’71 Challenger. As for the ’55 Bel-Air we installed the headers, cooling system and now just waiting on Dakota Digital gauges to arrive, then we can send her off to upholstery. We’re also on the last stages with the ’67 Fastback “Euphoria” Mustang, including the monumental task of installing the brake master and booster onto the firewall, which as any classic Mustang owner knows, its a tight area… Especially when dealing with a fully painted engine bay, they said it couldn’t be done… But we got it done.

From everyone at HPI Customs, have a great and safe weekend.

– Evan @ HPI Customs

HPI Goes to Barrett Jackson 2015

Hello everyone, its been a busy few days here at HPI Customs since my last post, lets get to it.
Tyler went to Barrett Jackson this past weekend (lucky guy eh?) to assist a client with purchasing some cars at the auction, one of them being a pristine 1960 Pontiac Ventura TriPower in race car trim. The car was rated at 996 out of a possible 1000 points for cleanliness at Concourse.
We also received a new tube bender from “SWAG OFF ROAD”, we have the ’67 “Euphoria” Mustang back in the shop, I just installed the differential and drive-shaft in her yesterday, one more step to her running. Also the ’55 Bel-Air is coming along nicely with some new upgrades as well and the ’70 Challenger project for SEMA 2015, we’re just waiting on some parts from MOPAR and then we can get a huge jump on that project.

So be sure to keep an eye on our HPI Customs website for photo updates and on the blog to see what we’re up to.

– Evan @ HPI Customs